Which payment methods are accepted?

You can find all the payment methods in our terms and conditions.

What to do when something is wrong with the payment?

Please contact us by email and we will react as soon as possible. 


Is it possible to receive the delivery on a different address than the address I filled in to login?

When you have to fill in your data you also can fill in a second address.

When will my order arrive?

When you have paid we immediately will send you your order. We aim to deliver the order within seven days after we received your order.

Can I check where my package is at a certain moment?

The moment we will send you your order you will receive an email from us with your package number. From this moment you can follow your order. 


How can I return or exchange a product I ordered?

You can find our return policy in our terms and conditions.

What to do when you receive a wrong article or size?

Please contact us by email and we will react as soon as possible.

Can I delete an article in my order?

Until you did not send your order you can delete the article.


Do you give a 100% guarantee that all the products are available?

Unfortunately we have noticed that an article can be not available on the webshop but we do have it on stock. It may happen that at this moment this article is in someone else’s ‘cart’. When this person does not take this product within a certain time, it is placed back in our web shop. So please continue checking our shop!

When a product is out of stock, is it coming again?

We advise you to check our web shop time to time. We cannot say if we have it again on stock.


Which countries do we deliver?

We deliver to all countries within Europe

Do you have to pay Shipping costs?

We do not charge shipping costs.

We do charge the costs for a return shipment


Is this site a secured website?

We have an Anti-Fraud Configurator on our website. This is a strict monitoring system who does check the payments. This allows us to control the use of credit cards and subsequent actions. This system had also as additional security: blocking credit card numbers, blocking countries ( issuance of credit cards ), blocking IP address, invoice check, digital signature, digital signature for SOAP- link.

What happens with your personal information?

We take this point very seriously and do not use it for other purposes. We only use it to send you your order.

Log in

Why do I need to make a log in?

We need your data to send you your order. We also have your information if we want you to let you know the package will be later or there is something wrong. We don’t use it for other purposes.


Forgotten password?

Click on ‘my account’ then click on ‘I forgot my password’. Your password will be send to you by email.

Other questions

What if your question is not mentioned in the FAQ?

Please contact us by email and we will react as soon as possible.